Steve Krug

Co-Founder, CHP-Funder.com

Steve Krug is the Co-Founder of CHP-Funder.com, a web-based platform that simplifies the financing of CHP projects. The database matches CHP applicants with suitable CHP funders. CHP-Funder.com has grown world-wide and has streamlined the deployment of energy efficient CHP and other energy efficiency improvements. Steve Krug is an acknowledged leader in developing sustainable net-zero designs and carbon-neutrality plans, including award winning projects such as the West Chester University Student Recreation Center. Mr. Krug attended Penn State AE for graduate studies focused on energy conservation and was an Adjunct Professor of Architecture at Penn State. He has dedicated his career to energy efficiency and serves as Chairman of the Pennsylvania Climate Change Advisory Committee, appointed by the Governor of Pennsylvania.

My Sessions

Innovations & Market Disruptions: Financing for Healthcare

This broad panel of experts will explore the landscape of clean energy financing options best suited to the healthcare sector, including new innovations disrupting the marketplace. What’s new out there, and how are people paying for it? Join representatives from CHP-Funder.com, the Sustainable Energy Fund, Counterpointe Energy Solutions, and Trane to find out!  CLICK HERE […]