Jodi Hoffman-Homa

Key Account Manager, PPL Electric Utilities

Jodi Hoffman-Homa, LEED AP, is the Key Account Manager for PPL Electric Utilities.  Jodi has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Shippensburg University and been in the Energy Industry for 10 years assisting customers to cultivate energy conservation projects and energy procurement plans.  When Jodi is not interacting with customers, she loves spending time in her gardens with her dogs Max and Zoe. Currently, Jodi is focused on being a relational capitalist and trusted energy and sustainability advisor to her customers.

My Sessions

From Farm to Table: Energy Efficiency in Agriculture and Food Distribution

The path of produce from farm to grocery shelf is an energy-intensive one, but food growers and distributors can deploy efficiency measures along the way to reduce costs and enhance sustainability. In this session, you’ll learn about energy use in the agriculture sector, innovative strategies for combined heat and power with food waste, and the […]

Food Service