Jeff Byers

Sr. Efficiency Program Manager, Commercial & Industrial Programs, PECO

Jeff is a results-oriented and highly accomplished sales, marketing and business development professional with over twenty years of experience. Jeff has been in the energy efficiency industry since 2010 and has held positions in sales, marketing, program management, outreach management, program design, program delivery, and vendor management in multiple energy efficiency programs throughout the country.
As the Commercial & Industrial program manager for the PECO Smart Business Solutions program, his primary responsibilities include managing and assisting in the development, delivery and success of this program. These duties include regular interaction with the evaluation team, work with the marketing team, monitoring, tracking, and providing the necessary program coordination with, contracted CSP’s, PECO customers, PECO account management and multiple utility departments, ensuring energy savings are achieved on time and within budget as required by PA Act 129.
Jeff’s passions include mountain biking, golf, kayak fishing, skiing, Jeep Wrangler off-road adventures, gym fitness, all beach activities and making memories with his family and friends.

My Sessions

Opening Plenary Session with PECO

A robust panel moderated by PECO featuring experts from each of the three industries: Healthcare, Food Service, and Higher Ed. Check back soon!

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