Jeannie Sikora

Energy Engineer, CLEAResult

Jeannie Leggett Sikora’s career in energy efficiency has spanned the agricultural, residential, and industrial sectors. Her main responsibilities at CLEAResult include serving as a company-wide subject matter expert for agriculture, measuring and verifying savings for commercial and industrial energy efficiency programs, and consulting on the design of utility energy efficiency programs. Prior to joining CLEAResult in 2012, she worked in university cooperative extension on various farm and food processing energy issues, conducted research and outreach for the home building industry, and operated a consulting business. Ms. Sikora holds an M.S. in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from Penn State, is an author of two books about green home building, and resides in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with her husband and two sons.

My Sessions

From Farm to Table: Energy Efficiency in Agriculture and Food Distribution

The path of produce from farm to grocery shelf is an energy-intensive one, but food growers and distributors can deploy efficiency measures along the way to reduce costs and enhance sustainability. In this session, you’ll learn about energy use in the agriculture sector, innovative strategies for combined heat and power with food waste, and the […]

Food Service